the problem

Unplanned Extubation (UE) is a life threatening complication of airway management. If affects all ages, neonates to adults. Despite a plethora of studies in the medical literature showing that it is common and costly, the gravity of the problem is not commonly recognized.


the solution

We must acknowledge the problem, increase awareness, and develop quality improvement programs and best practices that will eliminate preventable deaths from unplanned extubation.  

The Society for Airway Management, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, and the Airway Safety Movement are building a collaborative group to increase awareness and prevention activities.

  All hospitals should initiate awareness and prevention activities around UE.

  Some of the resources that are available for hospitals to use in their efforts to eliminate preventable deaths from UE are available below.


Complications of UE
Read Securisyn Medical's paper detailing the recognition and prevention of Unplanned Extubation complications.


Dr. Kanowitz's Presentation
Read Dr. Arthur Kanowitz's entire presentation from the Society for Airway Safety lecture.


APSS Toolkit
The Actionable Patient Safety Solution is the first step in seeing results for patient safety.


Safer airway management
The Patient Safety Movment’s Actionable Patient Safety Solution 8A that provides a complete toolkit for safer adult airway management.


Unplanned Extubation Fact Sheet
Get the fact sheet that outlines the costs and timelines associated with an Unplanned Extubation event.

Unplanned Extubation Slideshare
This is an in-depth presentation that provides safety and quality improvement solutions for hospitals, providers, patients, and other advocates.


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