the campaign to zero airway safety deaths starts now.


The 'Campaign To Zero' represents our objective to eliminate all harms and deaths, injuries, infections, and illnesses when a patient requires clinical management of their airway. Drew Hughes’ story is our why.

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the campaign to zero

Improper airway management is a vast problem in the healthcare industry which affects hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Many of the complications that cause these failures are preventable.

Through innovative thinking, extensive collaboration, accessible education, and evidence-based standardization, our mission is to improve patient safety related to Airway Management.


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Our hospital commits to taking aim at eliminating preventable death from Unplanned Extubation.

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airway safety

Airway safety refers to the management and monitoring of the respiratory tract to ensure air is properly transported to the lungs. Complications of the airway can occur at any location within the respiratory tract and at any time during the management of the airway.

Airway management techniques are classified as basic, such as properly positioning a patient and removing obstructions from the mouth, and advanced, which includes the need to "secure" an airway by properly placing an Endotracheal Tube into the lower airway.

The common complications of advanced airway management result from failed intubation, mal-positioned intubations, pressure injuries and unplanned extubation.

Many of these complications can be avoided by implementing standardized practice guidelines or protocols. Identification of proper equipment, training and competency assessments lead to best practices and safer airway management.

Find out how we are promoting evidence-based standardization across the industry.

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unplanned extubation

Unplanned extubation is defined as the accidental dislodgement or removal of the endotracheal tube when a patient is mechanically ventilated.

Every year, this common problem causes 36,000 preventable deaths, 121,000 safety events, and nearly $5 billion in wasteful spending. 


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Your donation supports the collective effort to eliminate preventable complications that occur when a patient requires clinical management of their airway.

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